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A Closer Look: Jeremy Kerman At Craven Allen Gallery

Art inspires the way we live, see and understand the world.  It certainly inspires the work we do at Design Lines so much so, that Rob has created a  new blog series called “A Closer Look.” Every Friday he will take you a journey through art, design, and the intersection of the two. So take it away Rob!

Design Lines Ltd. Craven Art Gallery Jeremy Kerman

Last week, I was excited to see Jeremy Kerman’s show “Find myself a City to Live In” at Craven Allen Gallery in Durham.  I originally saw his collage paintings in Watt’s Grocery, a restaurant just a few doors away, and I was immediately hooked.   Using scraps of photos and paint on paper, he casts local Durham landmarks in a new light.  

Design Lines Ltd. Craven Art Gallery Jeremy Kerman 2

Worked over surfaces, hastily joined paper, and a fanciful juxtaposition of scales give these paintings the feeling that they were created intuitively, despite the artist’s formal education in art.  It is this freshness and honesty that draws me to Kerman’s work.  But what keeps me interested are the fascinating urban spaces he creates within – places that are as familiar as they are fanciful.  Can you recognize any of them?

Jeremy Kerman’s work is up through the end of the month.  Craven Allen Gallery is located at 1106½ Broad Street in Durham, North Carolina.  (919) 286-4837


images: Craven Allen Gallery

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