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A Closer Look: NYC Favorites Part 1

As I was reminded during a recent trip, New York is always abuzz with things to do and see.  If you’re planning to visit sometime this summer, here are some of the best things going on right now:

1. Alexander McQueen’s posthumus Exhibition “Savage Beauty” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  This is a must-see for anyone who loves design or fashion.  Make sure you get there before 10am to avoid the crowds, because it’s no secret that this is the best show in New York right now.

2. The Morgan Library:  Located in Mid-town Manhattan, this old favorite is a complex of buildings that orginated as the private collection of entrepreneur Pierpont Morgan (1837–1913) and has expanded to include the architecture of Renzo Piano.  Highlights on display now include an original score by Mozart and an enviable collection of famous journals – from the likes of Bob Dylan, John Steinbeck, and Tennessee Williams.

3. Eataly.  There are tons of places to eat in New York, but few are as unique and fun as Eatly, a 50,000 square foot complex owned by famous chefs Mario Bertoli and Lidia Matticchio.  You can grab a bite to eat, drink a glass of wine, or browse the market for fresh produce, meats, and imported italian products.  It’s like a visit to an Italian village, and the food is just as spectacular.

Stay tuned for the rest of the list next week!


photos: flickr.com

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