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A Closer Look: Dorothea Lange

Two of my favorite art pieces that will adorn the walls of the Chancellor’s House are by Dorothea Lange.  An influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist, Lange was best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration (FSA). Lange’s photographs humanized the consequences of the Great Depression and influenced the development of documentary photography. 


The two photographs we selected are from the Gregg Museum’s Collection at NCState University.  They depict scenes of depression-era North Carolina, including a tobacco barn and country store.

Lange’s photographs are haunting and beautifully-crafted works of art.    We’re honored to include them as part of this project.

File:Lange car.jpg


image 1: wikipedia.org

image 2: rvision.com

image 3: wikipedia.org

Current Projects: NCSU Chancellor’s House Update

The Chancellor’s House at North Carolina State University is really starting to take shape!  We wanted to share some of the most recent photos with you.  The exterior is beginning to look awesome with the addition of concrete patios and planter boxes (below).  When all the landscaping is complete, it will be an inviting backyard retreat, and a great place to hold university functions.

Since we last posted, the interior has undergone major transformations with the addition of drywall, paint, and cabinetry.  Below, you can see one of the house’s 8 fireplaces, newly fitted with its stone surround and wood mantle.  This room will serve as the living quarters for the Chancellor’s distinguished guests.  A built-in desk will make it a comfortable place to work.

One of the biggest transformations happened when the staircase was painted.  The sensous curves of the stair are newly accented by black picketts lining both sides.  It looks really smart!

Upstairs, work is nearly complete on the Chancellor’s family room, a lofty space with tons of natural light.   Below, you can see a few of the home’s finished doors.  All the doors will be painted black and accented with polished chrome hardware.

The floor stain was finalized last week (below).  Applied over a beautiful oak floor, the timeless color we chose will complement the mahogany woodwork throughout the first floor.

When we visited, the kitchen cabinets were still being installed.  They are looking great! (above)

The master bathroom is starting to come together – marble tile of different sizes is being applied throughout.  Glass panels for the shower will be one of the finishing touches.

There are so many new things to see everytime we visit the house.  It’s exciting to see how quickly things are coming together – but there is still a lot  to be done!  Above, you can see the fireplace in the Dining Room waiting for its wood mantle (above left).  One of the most impressive features of the house (yet to be installed) will be the front door and flanking windows.  Currently, a temporary plywood partition protects the opening (above right).  I can’t wait to see how beautiful the entrance hall looks when it’s finished!

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images: by DLL

Current Project: Groundbreaking at the N.C. State University Club

Design Lines was present yesterday as N.C. State Chancellor James L. Oblinger and N.C. State University Club Board of Directors broke ground at the N.C. State University Club on Hillsborough Street at the 440 beltline.

This project started in 2004 with a vision from the long range planning committee to update and renovate the club.

After 5 years of planning and design the project is underway. The most notable change will be the front façade and the interior finishes. This will be a fun one to watch as the transformation takes place.

“The N.C. State University Club was dedicated in 1965 and serves N.C. State supporters, including faculty, staff and alumni ” NC State University Club.

Design Lines is part of the design team working with Winstead and Wilkinson Architects on the project. Click here to see a past post on the N.C. State University Club.

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