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Networking Lunch with Triangle Blvd at The Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market Kickoff

Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market

Yesterday, April 28th was the kickoff for the Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market 2010 season, which runs April 28 through October 27. Legendary chef and pit master Ed Mitchell from The Pitt was on hand preparing the barbecue for the barbecue sandwiches. My were they worth the long line. So why was Design Lines out and about at the Market? Who wouldn’t want to support the local economy! We are all about it.

 Ed Mitchell from The Pitt at 2010 Raleigh Farmers Market Season Kickoff

Above: Ed Mitchell the Pit master.

No, there is a reason for our outing. Brittany and I met up with Damon and John from Triangle Blvd for a sandwich at the kickoff. For about a year now we have  known each other. The business partnership started when Design Lines was approached by Damon. He said we can help your firm produce a really hip and cutting edge video for our website and whipped out his iPhone to show us exactly what he was talking about.

From there we produced the video you see today on our site and have joined forces on another video for Howard Parry & Walston on how to spruce up before you sell your house.

The team at Triangle  Blvd is all about promoting the great city of Raleigh and surrounding areas through their Triangle Web-TV network.  We are huge supporters. Be on the lookout for one of their most popular events Restaurant Week coming up May 17-23.

2010 Raleigh Farmers Market Season Kickoff

Above are shots of local vendors at the kickoff.

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