12 Days of Christmas: Gift Wrapping

Today marks the first day of Christmas. By now, you’ve managed to find gifts for almost all on your list, now you just have to wrap those treasures to delight the ones you love. I remember wrapping gifts as a girl, sitting on the floor in my parents bedroom, er um Santa’s headquarters with some invisible scotch tape and some store bought To: and From: tags with snowmen on them.  A Lot has changed since then- but I still take joy in the finishing touches. I’ve given my advice on wrapping for the past two years- below: this year’s gift wrapping round up-

1. Gift Tags 2. Silver Ornaments, consider tying them on! 3. Design Sponge4. DLL Pinterest 6. Faux Bois Wrapping Paper 7. Wool Ribbon  8. Baker’s Twine


1. Thoroughly Modern Tree 2. Glittered Wrapping Paper in Violet 3. Snowglobe gift tags 4. Vintage Ornaments from Local Furbish Studio 5.Bourgeouis Bow Tags 6. Tinsel & Candy Cane Wrapping Paper

1. Upcycled Gift Wrap 2A.  Handmade Snow Globe  2B. Typewritten gift tags  3. Mitten Gift Tags 4. Doily Cookie Containers


What’s the best gift you’ve ever recieved? Do you still remember the wrapping? How will you wrap the presents you give this year? Check out previous posts on the topic: here & here.