Current Projects: Reimagining A Whole House – Part 1

A young Cary family was looking to freshen up their entire house.  Judy and I surveyed the whole space and compiled a list of changes at the beginning of last year.  Over time the clients & I have made the changes and the whole house looks & feels very different. We began with changing paint colors throughout the house. Next:  The formal living room made the top of the list as it is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. 

Before, the clients never spent time in the living room. Too many pieces & a confining space plan made the smallish room uninviting and artificial flowers looked stagnant.  


Living Room Before

 We said farewell to the Golden Girls vibe and hello to a space where they could entertain, read a book, or play the piano. Original & interesting encaustic paintings hang in the space and the pretty curvalinear lines of the piano now invite a player to sit down to a sonata. 

Living Room After


Interior Design Raleigh

Design Lines Raleigh


Living Room, Design Lines, Ltd.


Living Room Piano

Check back later in the week to see other parts of the house, reimagined. What room would you makeover if you had the chance?