Be Mine, Valentine!


At a Valentine’s party this weekend- I chatted with both Men & Women about the holiday of St. Valentine (for a brief history click here). The general consesus-was that gentlemen find the day stressful, while most ladies adored the holiday.  Whether you loathe or love it, don’t stress if you haven’t already made plans, here are some last minute  things you can do for your sweetheart:

1- How about a cool valentine with a hand-written note inside?

2- Breakfast in bed or meet your Valentine for lunch

3- No one’s too old for a mixtape- put together a playlist of your favorite songs and download it to their ipod or make a CD to play during the commute

4- Rather than ordering your Valentine flowers online- consider picking up a few bunches at your local grocer and arranging them yourself (demonstrating thoughtfulness in your selection)- or consider a flowering plant like ranunculus that they can plant in the ground when it gets a bit warmer outside.

5 For him? What about a car wash or a geeked out case for his phone?

Happy Valentine’s day! Remember that thoughtfulness is completely free!