Current Projects: A Kitchen Transformation That Will Knock Your Socks Off

2011’s only just begun- though Judy & I are pretty confident that as far as dramatic transformations go- this kitchen in Chapel Hill takes the cake.

 Design Lines Chapel Hill Before Kitchen Remodel

The project first began years ago, our clients purchased this home and began this makeover themselves by tearing out some peninsula cabinets and painting the white walls of the kitchen orange. An improvement to be sure, but the finishes – laminate countertops and dark walnut paneled walls weren’t the only thing needing a change.  The actual footprint of the space wasn’t servicing the clients needs. A formal dining room housing the scared to scratch it table top was used just a few times a year. After many iterations of drawings, discussions, and forming a partnership with a contractor- the floor plan was finalized.

Design Lines After Chapel Hill Kitchen Remodel copy

 The space expanded. Knocking down a wall, we captured the square footage of the rarely used formal dining room. The charming angled bay window with a window seat in the nook was changed to become a functional floor to ceiling box bay window with the best view of our client’s gorgeous pond outside.   

 Design Lines After Durham Kitchen Remodel (2)


Design Lines Durham Kitchen Remodel 7

Inset cabinetry in white now extends to the ceiling and a tile backsplash featuring  subway tile with carrera  marble compliment the stone counter-top. The stone slabs were handpicked by our clients on a trip to Virginia and are well lit with both recessed cans (for task lighting) as well as under cabinetry lighting (for ambience). 

Design Lines After Durham Kitchen Remodel

The sink features instant hot & cold filtered water and a foot pedal for water control offers a chef with full hands ease at the sink.This hands-free feature is my favorite of the new space-each time I go over I want to turn on the sink.

Below, wood panels disguise the refrigerator.

Design Lines After Durham Kitchen Remodel (5)

The classic farmhouse style sink basin marries well with the polished nickel cup-pull hardware fits to acheive a look that’s timeless and feels right at home in Chapel Hill.  Design Lines After Durham Kitchen Remodel (3)

 Is the footprint of your kitchen working for you?  Besides the finishes and furniture, does the layout fit your needs? Consider reimagining your kitchen.