Design Lines Celebrates 30 Years in Business!

At twenty-six and with only $500 in her pocket Judy Pickett had big dreams. In the fall of 1979, Judy opened the doors at Design Lines, Ltd. in a little yellow house off of Glenwood Avenue. (pictured above) and (pictured below, is Judy outside the Peace Street office.) This location was our second home until about 6 years ago when we move into our current space off of Jones Franklin Road.

Today, we celebrate those big dreams and the thirty-year journey since the yellow house. Now with seven employees, Design Lines, Ltd. has established itself as one of the première design firms in the Southeast, gaining clients with our abilities to leverage collaborative efforts and create design that positively impacts people’s lives.

(Above Molly and Judy head-shots from the earlier years.)

From the beginning, the design philosophy has always been about the client. So, it is with this history that we celebrate our clients, our partners, and our friends!

Check back next week to see a complete slideshow from the 30th Anniversary Party Celebration and even pictures of Judy’s house!