Designer Profiles: An Interview with Hilaire Pickett


Hilaire Pickett Design Lines


What is your background and degree in from school? Which school?

I graduated with a degree in Corporate Communications from Elon University right outside of Burlington, North Carolina.

 How do you take your field and incorporate into Design Lines everyday work environment?

 I facilitate the business to business partnerships, networking, internal strategic planning, manage our social media channels, media relations, our special events, community outreach and support the designers whenever needed.

What is your work philosophy?

 Whatever it takes, I am there to get the project done and done right.

What is the one design element that you have learned is a must from being around the other designers?

 Small details add up and do make a difference in the design of a room.

 What are your three must haves?

A boat so I can wake-board, my iphone and a good purse

What’s on your DVR or what is the one show you can’t miss?

 I am not really a big fan of TV but right now I enjoy watching Cake Boss on TLC or the Bachelorette on ABC.

Out of all your travels what is your favorite place and why?

It’s a tie. I love love London and Italy. I studied and lived in London for a month and Italy for about 4 months while in college.

What color scheme would you do right now for your master bedroom based on color schemes you have seen around the office?

 A work up Molly did of a yellow, black & white bedroom.

If you could say that you have a design style, what would it be?

 Comfortability all the way. I am attracted to the the farmhouse, rustic look.

 What is your favorite paint color?

 Benjamin Moore “Grassy Meadows-571”

What is the most enjoyable experience(s) you have had while working with Design Lines, maybe an installation, maybe a rep meeting?

In 2008 when I was working part-time, Design Lines had a huge three day install up at Lake Gaston. I remember Brittany and I stuffing the company van will all the window treatments, bedding, pillows and accessories. Little did we know that when we arrived at the house, we were greeted with a Nor’eastern wind storm. Needless to say we had a very memorable experience and enjoyed every minute of the installation.

Another memory was being present at the 30th anniversary party for the firm. This was a very special night and I couldn’t be more proud of team’s accomplishments. That night was a culmination of 30 years of hard work, sweat, laughter and many memories. It was wonderful to see clients, family, friends and partners who have helped make Design Lines a success. I cannot wait to see where the next 30 years will take us!

What is your favorite blog to follow?

 Gosh, this is such a hard question. I enjoy reading so many design blogs.

If you could go anywhere in the world and showcase your talent, where would it be?