Get Hooked: June Forecast

Living In Morocco. By A Creative Mint

 We can’t believe it is June already!! Holy Macaroni. For June we have some exciting news to share with you. Wait…I feel like this is every month?! Right! First off expect to see some totally amazing updates on some recent projects. The biggest update we will have is the grand opening of North Carolina State University University’s Club on June 25th.

There will be some holiday fun for Flag Day on June 14th and Father’s Day on June 20th.

I am currently working on a post for Molly’s Finds, which is ocean water photography. If you have never heard of this before, it’s time you check it out. These photographs are incredible!! It is high definition photography at its best. Look for this post tomorrow.

We will also bring you our excerpts from the My Carolina Today Show for you to see. How did Judy do? Please let us know, we welcome feedback.

Sycamore Street Press. Eva Jorgensen

Lauren is one of the final two team members who are left to be interviewed for the designer profiles. Be on the lookout for her post on June 17th.

Also, in June we will be highlighting the employee who receives the “Living the Mission” award. In early 2010 this award was started to recognize employees who have have exemplified the values of living and working by the Design Lines mission. This award each month is passed on by the previous winner.

 (Pictures are from A Creative Mint.)