Judy’s Tips on Making a Holiday Flower Arrangement With Ease

Continuing with the perfect holiday decor we have a few tips to share with you on how to make a holiday floral arrangement with ease.

Flower Arrangements Design Lines (1)

To begin:  Pick up some flowers from your local grocer. We love the flowers from Fresh Market or Whole Foods. Judy selected a variety- white Hydrangeas to add some volume, some rust colored Mums for color, some Hypericum berries to add some cheer, and a few other pieces of greenery just to make things interesting.

Don’t go overboard with the variety- just sticking to three or four elements will add some unity to your bouquet.  Be sure the flowers get into some water. We used a bucket for easy arranging.

After selecting your container, utilize a grid of floral tape to add stability to the arrangement and create a visual grid to compose within.

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Then cut the stems to the appropriate length and insert them into the container.  Analyze the arrangement from every side and don’t be afraid to remove the stems from your grid and try something else.  Judy used a large hydrangea leaf in the bottom of the container to create a different feel to the arrangement.

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If all else fails- consider calling a professional.  We always enjoy the arrangements from Raleigh’s The English Garden!