Leather Sure Has Come A Long Way…….

Edelman Leather

Recently Molly and I had the opportunity to sit down with the Edelman Leatherrepresentative, Chris McGough, to see new Edelman Leather.  WOW, I we saw leather in a whole new way.  Not only did we see amazing new colors, styles, and applications, we saw leather that is powered by Crypton, which means, total FREEDOM! 

Edelman Leather Care products powered by Crypton apply the latest technology to cleaning and restoring; they contain no harsh chemicals, no bleach, no solvents; no VOC’s are released.  Food spills, liquids, some inks, red wine, and coffee can be removed easily.  The luxury of the leather is no sacrificed and is more practical.  It can be applied to all of the leathers listed here: All Grain, Baby Alligator, Cashmere Calf, Dream Cow, Jumbo Crocodile, Lusterleather, Magnifico, Metallic Dream Cow, Modern Metallics, Napoli, Parchment Cowhide, Royal Hide, Scotch Grain, Shagreen, and Smoked Metallic.  So next time you want to use leather but are afraid of the kids artwork ending up on it, or the bottle of red wine all over it, think again.  There is an option. 

We also got to see some full hides up close and do the whole touch and feel test.  What an amazing difference.  Here are some pictures of the pieces we looked at:

Croc Leather








Another amazing feature that Edelman Leather does is BOOKBINDING LEATHER FOR UPHOLSTERY.


 Imagine, anyone can sit in an upholstered chair and feel intellectual because they are sitting in Bookbinding leather.  The story unfolds.

The concept is unique. A special dyed vegetable crust, a shade slightly lighter than the finished color, and, brings the grain to a dramatic peak. Onto this is our special glazing powder which enables us to polish the grain and the dyed color altogether. But know that these are crushed, crushed, crushed hides of ultra quality.
The colors are all new.  KEEP YOUR MIND AN OPEN BOOK!

We hoped you enjoyed the update on leathers!


Molly and Ashley