Light Fair 2012

We recently got the scoop on this year’s Light Fair in Las Vegas from our favorite lighting expert Shelley Aldridge of Earp & Associates.    This year’s standout was the Spanish company Vibia, whose innovative lighting solutions never cease to amaze.

My favorite is the “Match” design (above), an incredibly unique design that would work equally well in a clothing store or above a dining table.

I also love the “Origami” design (above), a modular series that can be arranged in any configuration you can imagine.  And it’s even safe for wet areas like bathrooms!

This design is called “Puck” (above) and features back-lit metal discs.

The “Link” Series (above) consists of simple modular boxes mounted to the ceiling.  Each box features an elegant beveled interior.  And the boxes are re-configurable into a number of arrangements.




images: blogspot