Living the Mission Award for March

A year has passed since we first established the Living the Mission award at Design Lines. Can you believe it?! Each month this award goes to a deserving staff member for various accomplishments that represent the Design Lines mission. We share these successes with our blog readers not in an effort to boast but to celebrate the all the hard work that goes on at Design Lines.

Design Lines Living the Mission Graphic copy

In Feburary Brittany received the award from Hilaire. “2011 is off to a great start for Brittany. She has done a wonderful job in managing her time within the office and also with clients. Keep it up!” says Hilaire.  

And just yesterday at staff meeting, Brittany passed the award on to Molly. “Molly receives this award because of her execllence in institutional and corporate projects. She has brought diversity to our portfolio recently and we are excited to share with you the projects in the coming months,” says Brittany.

Thanks Brittany and Molly for all that you do!