Current Projects: Modern Comfort

Filled with light, and accented with natural walnut details, this recent renovation creates the perfect meeting place for an extended family.


As part of the renovation, the kitchen and living room were combined into one big space, providing ample room for all the functions of modern life.

One of the great challenges of this design was the fireplace; we had to find a way to make it address the scale of the new room, while keeping the existing firebox the same.  We also wanted to integrate a flatscreen TV and entertainment cabinet.  The result is a unique solution, providing functionality the client needs without sacrificing her modern aesthetics.


To keep things looking clean and uncluttered, the cabinets integrate display alcoves for the owner’s prized art collection, and hiding places for countertop appliances.


We think this project is the perfect blend of clean lines and modern comfort!

– Judy and Rob

Interior & Architectural Photography by Everest Agency