Need to Update Your Kitchen? Try a New Countertop!

Itching for a new look in your kitchen but don’t want to replace your cabinets? A new granite or marble countertop is the perfect solution! Read below for a few insider tips on making your installation a success.

1. When selecting an edge profile, consider not only the appearance of the edge, but the function as well. Will it feel comfortable to your arms as you are leaning on the countertop at the bar? Does it have a sharp edge that might be more prone to chipping if hit by a pot? Will it’s shape cause spills to “wrap” around the edge of the countertop and back towards the cabinets?

2. Make sure you are present when the fabricator comes to template your cabinets. This is when they take exact measurements and/or make a template that will be used to create the shape of your countertop. Inevitably, a question will arise as to how to address a particular area, and you will want to be a part of that discussion. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

3. Ask to be a part of the layout process after the templates are made. This is when the fabricator physically “lays out” the templates on your slabs to determine where the stone will be cut. Being a part of this process will allow you to put that beautiful vein directly in the middle of the island or to avoid the dark spot in the slab that you dislike. Not only is this part important, it is also lots of fun . . . like putting a big puzzle together!

4. Request that all faucet holes be drilled on-site. This will ensure that the faucet is placed exactly where you want it and will help you avoid any costly mistakes.

The images above were taken as I helped lay out the templates for a client’s new countertop at Absolute Stone in Cary. Visit them at to browse their showcase gallery and peruse their stone selections.

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