Raleigh Remodel: Before & After

Foyer Before & After

Over the summer, I had the chance to partner with Taylor Building & Development to remodel a house in Raleigh for a young artist and film-lover, Jeff.  The house, located inside the beltline, was built in the seventies and is situated beautifully in an untamed landscape that’s perfectly private.

On our to-do was a general update of the entire house–new hardwood floors throughout, an update on finishes, and swapping wallpaper for a fresh coat of paint.  We transformed both bathrooms with an emphasis on functionality, installing new countertops and appliances for the kitchen.   A few longterm changes also manifested, that will continue to enhance the house–like removing a closet and a platform in the foyer that didn’t work, and reconfiguring the Master Bathroom.

Spare Bedroom

The lighting became my favorite change. Before, the house was craving light–only getting it from slivers of existing windows.  We began by adding a pair of windows in the Master Bedroom.  Then much-needed recessed lighting was added, as well as updated decorative fixtures.  The transformation is quite remarkable. The whole house is illuminated, making the evenings especially pretty; and the new light fixtures suit the personality of both the house and the client, Jeff.


I asked Jeff a few questions about the project, his answers to my survey, below:

My style:

clean, simple lines & surfaces. comfortable, unfussy elegance.


contemporary European with a dash of Asian design.

Favorite Element:

probably the kitchen. I didn’t like anything about the original kitchen and now I love everything. Changing other bits made an existing element like the white cabinets much more beautiful and appealing whereas I never really liked them before. Like every other room now, the kitchen has it’s own unique vibe but integrates perfectly with the rest of the house.

What Friends Say:

Wow! It doesn’t look or feel like the same house.

Biggest Indulgence:

Master Bath. The most extreme transformation, we spent the a lot of time discussing the smallest space, and in the end, every element, from frosted pocket door, to custom vanity, to frame-less shower, came out beautiful and striking.

Best advice:

Trust the process and your designer. A remodel can stressful and there are lots of decisions and deadlines but try to have fun and enjoy each step.


Next week I’ll share my interview with Rob Taylor of Taylor Building & Development.  Don’t miss out on his tips for remodeling!