Recent Projects: Harrison’s Room

Four-Year-Old Harrison’s parents wanted to transform his lime-green nursery: (before)

… into a guest friendly big-boy room he could grow up in: (after)

The finished room is a mix of his parent’s style, traditional preppy & classically Raleigh, coupled with Harrison’s interests (think all things boy- deer, dogs, & dinosaurs).

His favorite book, Caps for Sale, was purchased for $8 at Borders and turned into artwork by framing the illustrations in Pottery Barn frames.

My favorite element in the room is the white metal antler plaque,purchased from Urban Outfitters on the cheap. Placed above the owner’s existing chest (I found it in the attic), the antlers make it playful,as the shape of the Chippendale handles mimics the antlers above.

The fabrics-in schemes of white, stone, a deep denim blue & Carolina blue are handsome enough for the room to function as a guest suite, too.

The dinosaur skeleton illustration above the desk is from 20×,and sets off perfectly his collection of rubber snakes-displayed as a curious collection in a leather tray.

The airplane artwork on the bedroom door is by Harrison himself.