“This Olde Farmhouse”

So a previous client of Design Lines bought land near Lake Wheeler. On this piece of property was this beautiful old farmhouse. This land use to be used for old tobacco fields and farming, so there is history that goes back to the 1800’s.

They are renovating this to create a farmhouse that will be used for a guest house. The house is neighboring their house, so a cobblestone pathway will separate the two.

All of the previous hardwoods, siding, basically anything that can be reused will be put back into the house. The contractor is even using some of the old wood to build the custom cabinetry for the kitchen.

While in this process you can imagine the great finds that they came across. A set of receipts were found from the tobacco bails that were sold. They even found mail from the 1950’s. All of these finds and more will be preserved and put back in the house for character.

…………….. So I am beginning this series to show you the wonderful changes that will occur and hopefully completed at the end of the year. I also am finding some wonderful resources that I have to share, because they are too good to keep to myself!

As you can see the house is getting a face lift and a stability check! First they have to reinforce the house, because it was still standing on the old stones that it was the first time it was built. They don’t build foundations the same way as they did in the 1800’s.

The roof is going to remain the same style, but a newer product will be used that will last many more years. We have decided that a brick red metal roof will be perfect.

Well that is it for now. Soon you will see phases of the farmhouse being completed and I look forward to sharing all of the great concepts and products that we find. To be continued……….