Trust us: Cozy Comfort

We always tell our clients to “trust us” when it comes to certain furniture pieces as it relates to comfort and coziness. It is hard to buy something you have not sat on or seen in person. As designers, we have researched products thoroughly before we recommend them. I recently suggested a sofa and two chairs to a client, on good faith she trusted me. After installing them she was impressed, mentioning that I could not have picked a more comfortable sofa. Not only was the sit perfect, but it looked fantastic, too. As a designer, I have found Pearson Furniture to be one of the best lines out there. I have sat on many of their frames and the following chair and sofa have got to be the best around. I don’t think you could go wrong with anything offered by this company. Please visit their website at I know you’ll be impressed too.

This is the Pearson sofa that can be described by the following words: comfortable, cozy, firm, and perfect….

This is the chair from Pearson that I have to confidently say fits everyone. If you are a tall man or a short female, this chair will personally fit you, offering the highest level of comfort. It also has a curved front that is aesthetically appealing to the eye.
So the next time your designer says trust me, you might want to. I know that I have sat in everything I recommend and now I am glad that I can pass that confidence on to my clients.