“What to do with all your kids artwork.”

One of our clients follows this blog http://www.homeworkshop.com/ where they feature challenges. Challenge #17 was “What should you do with all of your kid’s artwork?” Want a great idea? Everyone knows that they store it under the bed or in closets, pulling it out when they are spring cleaning and then it goes right back into storage.

Here is what they suggest:
(1) Take all the artwork and snap digital pictures of each piece and keep it separated by kid.
(2) Download pictures and make a grid collage in Photoshop.
(3) Print the collages out or you can take them to Kinko’s based on size.
(4) Put the collages in decorative frames to create a collage on the wall!

(Digital pictures taken of the kids artwork.)

This is how they used it on the wall. How creative and interesting is this? We give it two thumbs up!